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Welcome on the KoroSoft web site. Here you will find many free utilities that I made in the last years, often because I could not find one that did what I wanted or they were all not good enough.

Since my programming skills and knowledge evolved through years, the programs are sorted in order of year in which I made them.

Feel free to browse and also, don't forget to check out my big project, KoroIRC.


2009-07-11: Updated TaskDialog Emulation Library to fix a bug.

2008-11-13: Added PowerBand.

2008-09-24: Added a new project: TaskDialog Emulation Library. Check it out!

2008-09-24: Did what should have been done years ago and killed off the KoroScript section.

2008-09-24: Updated MSN Reaper with support for animated images and Windows Vista.

2008-09-24: Got an Authenticode signing certificate. All new programs released from now on will be digitally signed.

2008-06-17: Added PE Version Patcher.

2007-11-14: Added Bad Sight Taskbar.

2007-09-17: Migrated the website to the domain korosoft.net.

2007-06-03: Added Google Ads and a Google Search box to the site.

2007-02-10: Added UBind and Sierpinski Gasket Screensaver.

2006-05-23: Updated MSN Reaper again to support the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.

2006-04-16: Brand new site! Added a bunch of forgotten programs: KoroCap, KoroCamWatch, KSWinampCtl and Color Picker II.

2006-02-15: Updated MSN Reaper to support Windows Live Messenger.

2005-12-14: Updated Desktop Hunter.

2005-09-02: Added MSN Reaper.

2004-06-02: Added KSFloppy.

2004-04-19: Added Color Picker and KS Net Sender.

2004-02-28: Added POP3 Checker.

2004-01-20: Added MKC2 and DXDemo.

2003-10-24: Updated WinLock and added Win9x support to it.

2003-09-17: Added a new program, Desktop Clock. This is kind of the sequel to CoolClock.

2003-09-06: Updated MSN6NoBar to work with MSN 6.1.

2003-07-26: Added a few programs in the programs section, and the KoroIRC section is open!

2003-05-11: After having been closed for over five months, the site is reopened! Removed the Eva-lution section, because the servers don't even exist anymore, and added some stuff to the programs and links sections.

2002-11-29: The official site is finished and open to the public.

2002-11-06: Started doing the official site.